The Metaphysical Causes of Diabetes

Posted on May 30, 2019 at 12:25 AM

Diabetes manifests as a result of the lack of insulin secreted by the pancreas, or from its ability to function normally. It is the job of the pancreas to take the food we’ve chewed and break it into smaller particles that make it easier to digest and absorb. It is also in charge of when the energy created by food gets released in the form of insulin to keep a nice steady stream of glucagen when blood sugar levels get too low. This information does not discount the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle but as an alternative healing practitioner, I’ve researched and am a firm believer that most problems are the result of emotional issues.

Mind Body Connection


Our thoughts and emotions play an enormous role in all aspects of our health. Research has proven if we tend to our psychological and emotional well-being we can, in many instances, prevent, reverse, recover, and cure ourselves from many medical illnesses including diabetes. Need proof? Visit The Institute of Noetic Sciences. They have documented over 3,500 documented, and verifiable cases of, often life-threatening diseases, going away on their own. 

The mind and body are closely linked, and their relationship can have a positive or negative effect on your health and quality of life. Our emotional states can trigger chain reactions that affect blood chemistry, heart rate, and the activity of every cell and organ in the body - from the stomach and digestive tract to the immune system. 

Unequivocally, where your thoughts go your body will follow. The mind cannot only heal the body. The mind can hurt the body. You can think yourself well and think yourself sick. Thoughts can actually change the receptor site on cells, as a result, your thoughts can produce cells that will heal your body. Disease is a belief system. Believe you can be well and you can. Let’s examine some of the thoughts diabetics tend to have that might lend itself to the existence of diabetes.

Metaphysical Connection

The pancreas is the gland linked with a very specific set of emotions. Diabetics very often have too many desires at one time making it difficult to ‘break them down’ into smaller pieces as is the job of the pancreas. Additionally, you expect too much from yourself and from others and because of that diabetics tend to be overworked.

Diabetics have a preoccupation with power but have a tendency to feel sorry for themselves when things don’t go the way they would like. This may be true for people who aren’t diabetic but diabetics tend to wallow in the self-pity. Diabetics get stuck in feeling sorry for themselves and regurgitate negative emotions over and over again.

Diabetics tend to lose control of their emotions often and are crippled by criticism. This, sometimes, results in putting on weight to act as a buffer between us and the world whenever we feel attacked or criticized or when our self-esteem takes a dip. Diabetics feel like they are not in control of their lives or feel like their happiness is dependent upon other’s actions. Diabetics tend to blame others for their misfortunes, have trouble sleeping, have a negative self-image or allow others to define how you see yourself.

Diabetics tend a lot of time researching information about making decisions that will make them happy rather than just doing what they know, internally, what makes them happy. Diabetics can have the inability to accept or digest reality. This inability on a psychological plane manifests in the organs responsible for digestion, which includes the pancreas.

Overcoming Psychological Blockages

Learn to let go and let things happen at their own pace.

Write down the benefits of letting go of whatever you’re holding on to or trying to

control. Visit that list every day until you feel a sense of truly having released.

Stop trying to control the course of events.

Write down the things you wish you had control over and then write down a list 

of things you can control. If your grown children are making bad decisions, you

cannot control that (and worry is a form of control). If your relationship is in trouble 

you can only control what you do and how you respond. Your partner has the right

to make his/her own choices. You can’t control that.

Be mindful of the beauty of today and stop waiting on the future of happiness.

Focus on the now. What is happening right now? Truly be present otherwise you

miss out on the beauty of today. Be thankful for what you have now. Have you

eaten? Do you have food, clothes, shelter? You have more than you think. Take

inventory of the wonderful things you have in your life and be grateful.

Reject the criticism of others.

Change the story in your head. Decide whose voice is important enough to affect

your life. Never compare yourself to others. You are the only measuring rod for your

success and happiness. Always remember, you are not your circumstances. You

might not be where you want or with who you want but that doesn’t take away from

the amazing being you are. Circumstances always change. Focus on happy things

and happy things will happen. 

Journaling is an effective tool to help make important connections between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It can find and release pent up emotions that can manifest in the form of disease.

Where do I feel confident in my life?

Where do I not feel confident in my life?

Write down what your ideal life looks like containing everything within your control?

Where am I dissatisfied in my life? How can I change that?

Children with diabetes may feel like they are not acknowledged or be seeking attention. They tend to feel like they are not a part of the family or a burden to the family.

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