Chlorella Clobbers Cancer

Posted on June 23, 2016 at 5:55 PM

Scientists in South Korea recently found that carotenoids from chlorella are effective in preventing and treating cancer because they inhibit cancer cell growth.

The reason that cancer cells are so problematic is that they refuse to die on cue. Chlorella has active ingredients that make sure cancer cells die when it is their time to die.

Cancer cells develop in everyone’s body. People who have never been diagnosed with cancer have hundreds or thousands of cancerous cells in their bodies on a daily basis. It is the job of the immune system to make sure these dangerous cells are found and destroyed before they can develop into full blown cancers.

When a person is diagnosed with cancer it means that something has gone seriously wrong with their immune system. So common sense tells us that the best way to prevent cancer is to strengthen the immune system.

This is why holistic health practitioners advocate so strongly against chemotherapy because chemo destroys the body’s immune system which in turn leaves the body wide open for more cancer.

Chlorella stimulates the immune system and the production of interferon. Interferon is one of the body’s greatest natural defenses against cancer. This increased production allows the body to fight of cancer and other viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and other toxins.


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