A Pot Of Greens...Truly A Soul Food!

Posted on June 23, 2016 at 5:55 PM

Perhaps our ancestors were on to something. The creation of most soul food was a survival tactic; however, greens are for more than just SURVIVING…..greens are for THRIVING!


Collard Greens provide more than a quarter of your recommended daily calcium intake and two days’ worth of vitamin K, and half of your daily value of folate. But most importantly, Collard Greens provide a mega-dose of an important cancer-fighting nutrient sulforaphane. Although Collards Greens provide some nutritional value when steamed cooked, you will experience more benefits by eating them raw. Try adding them to your salad or using in place of lettuce when making sandwiches.


Turnip Greens provide almost 1/5th of your daily calcium intake but Turnip Greens also provide high amounts of potassium which boosts endurance and overall muscle strength. Turnip Greens also help to lower blood pressure because they are high in dietary nitrates. Turnip Greens do a wonderful job of holding their nutrients even after being steamed or sautéed.


A nice Romaine lettuce in place of your usual iceberg will add twice the protein and calcium, three times the vitamin K and four times the iron to your salad. Romaine adds a whopping eight times the amount of vitamin C.


Eating healthy is not as difficult as purported to be. Some minor adjustments can improve the quality of your life and add years to your life. Greens are truly a soul food!


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